Transforming Surfaces

We can transform pretty much any surface of any shape and curvature and not only can this prove more cost-effective than buying new furniture, doors, wallpapers and the like, it’s also are more sustainable way of refreshing your Office Interiors.

We can give your existing furniture and fittings a second lease of life by laminating them and completely changing the way they look. The process of lamination is clean and quick, with minimal downtime and the results can be stunning – we can make MDF look like marble, ply look like copper, wood look like corian. We only use the best laminates, so our transformed surfaces are durable too.

Why transform your surfaces?

  • Better for the environment, less to landfill.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • A clean application that can take place at your premises.
  • Cheaper than buying new furniture and fittings.
  • Cheaper than buying actual marble, copper and corian.
  • Spectacular results.
  • Long-lasting, durable.

“Ast have provided DRS with a service to deliver signage, wall wraps, locomotive wraps along with a responsive team that work collaboratively to meet our expectations. We have started to use Astaura to help DRS build designs for accommodation projects that allow us to understand what creates the best use of space to deliver benefits for the company and its employees. This work includes layout plans, seating plans, fire plans, concept drawings and complete tender package drawings. The Astaura team make themselves available to help whenever possible and bring a fresh look and new ideas to the table.”

Neil White

Nuclear Transport Solutions

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