A quick guide to acoustic solutions

Echoey office? Boardroom a nightmare for remote meetings? Sound like you’re entombed in a crypt when you’re on the phone? Well then, you need a solution of the acoustic variety!


Astaura Acoustic Solutions…

In a nutshell, our acoustic solutions help to soundproof your space and create a quieter environment, reducing echoes and managing noise levels to your requirements. We can help with everything, from creating a peaceful meeting pod within a busy, noisy area, to soundproofing the acoustics across your entire workplace. Whatever your space, whatever the size, whatever your branding, whatever look you’re after, however bad your acoustics, we can provide an acoustic solution to vastly improve the sound in your workplace. We offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ options or we can create something bespoke to you.


How do your acoustic solutions work?

They work by absorbing soundwaves, minimising reverberation, and helping to quieten background noise. Think of a room without a carpet – echoey and sounds are amplified, now add a carpet and sounds are less echoey, more contained, not as amplified – acoustic solutions work in the same way as that carpet.


Where do you source your acoustic solutions?

We design and manufacture them in-house ourselves which is why we can tailor them perfectly to you and also why we can offer such a quick turnaround – because we manage the entire process ourselves.


Can you fit them for us?

Yes, we offer a nationwide service and can fit them for you. We can manage your project from start to finish if you’d like us to – from design, right through to installation.


How do they look?

However you want them to look? We’ve designed, manufactured, and installed acoustic ceiling and wall panels that blend in perfectly with the colour of a boardroom’s walls so that they’re hard to notice, but we also have clients who want to turn their acoustic solutions into to a feature – so we’ve created branded wall panels, eye-catching suspended ceiling structures, 3D sculptures, artistic acoustic meeting pod frames and everything in between. We can incorporate your branding, mission statements, cut out logos and shapes, and offer all the colours in the rainbow – whatever you like. You can see in our gallery some of our past projects but we love a challenge and would relish the chance to create something bespoke to you. If your budget is small, we have lots of ‘off the shelf’ options that could work for you while still being in keeping with your existing interiors or branding.


How quickly can you sort them for us?

Quickly – we’re known for our efficiency – get in touch to talk to us about what you need and we’ll get it done.


How much do they cost?

Our off the shelf options cost from £275 plus VAT for a vertical hanging or wall acoustic panel.


Alright, sold, how do I get the ball rolling?

Call us on 01768 892292 or email hello@astaura.co.uk – tell us what you need, we’ll discuss all your requirements and we’ll take care of it.

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